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This blog, Working Writers, has been a favorite of mine almost from the beginning (which is seven years ago, starting with a review of a poetry book.)

The site has grown steadily over those years, bringing in about 350,000 pageviews by my most recent count. In all the years Working Writers has been around I’ve had many guest posters, but no one that I brought on as a regular columnist. I’ve been in the freelance and indie world for over a decade, and I’ve got a lot to say, so it made sense that I wrote most of the posts. But even I’m sick of hearing my voice on here.

That’s where you come in.

If you want to, that is.

I’m looking for some regular writers, some folks who want to step up and share their views on certain things. Are you game?

Write for Us


I’m looking for posts about:

  • Finding freelance work
  • Making it as an indie author
  • Dealing with the changes in the publishing industry
  • Thriving as a traditional author
  • Ways to market your books
  • New books
  • Reviews
  • Poetry
  • Personal case studies (yours or another writer) about what worked and what didn’t in terms of promotion, writing, and marketing
  • And all things writing

And while you can certainly talk about your books or writing in passing, these regular columns should not be compromised of advertisements for your book(s).  However, you can link to your site and books (see below) and you’ll be given plenty of promotion.



  • Posts once a month.


  • I can’t pay you. Sorry. But this blog does get great traffic (about 350,000 PVs a month), has a good Google pagerank, and gets a lot of promotion by yours truly. I’d tweet out and promote all your posts.


  • I’ll give you an author page (like mine) so you can list all your books and info.


  • I’ll give you a short bio and headshot at the end of every one of your posts (like the one you see at the bottom of this post) so you’ll continually have those links which you can direct to your site.


  • A personalized feed link with just your posts (like this one). This means that your short bio will be at the top and all your posts will follow.


  • A link on the “our authors” spot on the homepage which takes people directly to your posts.


  • Your posts will be automatically included in the weekly newsletter we send out to our list of subscribers.


Sound good? If you’re interested, contact me and we’ll talk from there. Looking forward to working with you!


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