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I’m amazed at how different the working world is than even a decade ago. Back then, working from home meant lugging files behind or logging in to a server that was slow and unreliable. I’m a “noise sensitive” person. I have to have things quiet in order to function, so working in a loud, noisy office was always a problem for me.

I’m glad to see that things have changed, and part of the reason is technology that allows you to truly be mobile. Not, sending files to yourself and hoping you sent the right version, or dealing with a slow server that you’re trying to log into remotely, but a true solution, where the location of the office doesn’t matter because your files and documents are in a central place, accessible from where you are.

That’s where SEMYO comes in. SEMYOU has developed a complete cloud framework that is both powerful, intuitive, and easy to use. So easy in fact that the move from locally-hosted applications to the cloud takes less than two minutes. (Two minutes!)

By putting SEMYOU to work and relocating infrastructure and platform to the cloud, businesses no longer have to administer their own hardware.

SEMYOU hosts its very own business app store (SEMYOU Cloud APPS) offering over 25 (and growing each day) specialized programs for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With nothing more than a web browser and SEMYOU’s secure, multi-faceted software suite, businesses can seamlessly integrate everything from customers and employees to entire departments and branches scattered across the globe.

And because of the nature of the internet, this integration can be done anywhere, anytime. As you can see, describing this revolution as “game-changing” doesn’t do it justice. Other benefits include:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased mobility – your home office can move anywhere because all your computing is conducted off site.
  • Access to your data anywhere there is an internet connection
  • SEMYOU is ready when you are
  • Secure data storage
  • No expensive software license costs
  • Modern software applications for your employee
  • Free 30-day trial

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