Independence Day Poetry Prompts

Holidays often bring with them a wealth of memories and new experiences – perfect material to write about! Amidst your celebrations, try one of these poetry prompts in honor of Independence Day and post your results in the comments below!

-What does independence mean to you?

-Use fireworks as a metaphor for something else.

-Describe an experience when you have gained independence from something or someone.

-Describe a memory of a family gathering in the summer.

-Write a poem about something that happened today.

-What do you think about the USA?

-What have you rebelled against?

-What foods do you love to eat in the summer?


Here is a poem to start us off with about a food I love to enjoy in the summer.



Blackberries hanging
among the thorns,
awaiting exhilarating
young hands to weave
through the vines,
picking the delectable treats,
wrapping them in pillows of dough,
folded, wrapped up tight
in silvery orbs of awaited delight.
Cast into the flames,
brought into fruition
as the sun runs through the blue.
Eyes watch the flames until at last!
The silvery orbs are removed…
and opened…
Sweet bliss of YUM!

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