Summer Reading Reccomendations

With summer dwindling down into an inferno of humid heat and poolside parties, how are you spending it? If you have a book in your hand, you’re probably spending it better than most. Books can act as an escape mechanism, especially when you’re sick to death of the heat and are longing for something – ANYTHING! – to get you into a cool ecstasy.

summer READING

The following books should help you forget about the heat and fall into a fantasy, sans humidity.

RED MOON by Benjamin Percy


This book is hand-down the best book I’ve read this summer. No wonder Stephen King was quoted saying that he “couldn’t stop thinking about it.” The novel follows multiple different people whose paths cross as the world descends into chaos all because of the political fear of lycans. Lycans are much like werewolves, but they’re people too. You can see this in Clarie, who goes cross-county after her parents are killed by the government. This book takes inspiration from real-life political fears, such as extremist terrorists. Also, this book is yet to have a sequel – trust me, I’ve checked.

Killing Brittany by Sean Olin


This book, set in the dead of winter so you can dream of a less hot world, is about a girl Brittany. Much like a horror movie, young Brittany’s life comes crashing down as her friends and family start to get brutally murdered. Look, this book sounds very stereotypical, but it is anything but that. It’s full of turns and surprises with an ending that will make you gasp. I would describe it more, but it would give so much away. Please, just read this book. You won’t regret it. I’ve read this book at least once a year since I first read it in 2008. It’s the type of book that haunts you long after it’s over.

Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann


There’s no better way to escape the summer heat than to read about the success, turmoil and downfall of three young girls in the 40’s to 50’s. Mainly set in New York, but then going to France and California, this book follows Anne, Jennifer, and Neely as they search for husbands and climb the ladder of the entertainment world. But then, the girls start to get a craving of pills, which starts them on a downward spiral as we eagerly read to find out WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT! This books serves up all types of emotions – happiness, sadness, and anger. If you’ve seen the 1960’s movie though, don’t expect the book to be the same. The movie changes the decade and setting. Also, other books by Jacqueline Susann are great. I could make a whole post just on her!

I hope you enjoy these books, which are all quite different. There’s something for everybody! Enjoy your summer and enjoy your reading.

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