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Last month I touched on Facebook scheduler. This month, I would like to tell you about Twitter and how this can be good for us to interact with readers and other authors.

Yes, it can be a challenge to start using Twitter because you only get 140 characters. You have to make sure that your messages are short and to the point. In the long run this will help you with writing as well because you will learn how to tighten up your sentences and get the point across clearer and faster.

Now, for authors this can be a great tool to interact with our readers. They can send us messages and in return we can reply having a back-and-forth conversation with them. Readers want to interact with authors. They want to know about our lives outside of our stories.

How much you share is up to you as an author. I would suggest being discreet about what you share on social media because it does stay there forever.

Basically, they want to see the real you and who you are outside of being an author. Now, for other authors it is a good way to interact with each other. Writing is such a solo thing that we don’t have a chance to interact outside of our daily lives, so this is a good way to get with other writers to share ideas and encourage one another.

Let’s face it, there aren’t many other writers near us usually unless we live in a big city so this way we can get to know other people and build working relationships with them.

One thing to always remember is to be professional. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time to write a message or send out a tweet each day. They even have on Twitter now where you can schedule messages to be sent at different times of the day, so that you’re not sitting at the computer all day long. 

There is also a hashtag for writers; I believe it is #writing, and you can connect with other writers that way. Or you can use the #1K1hr to do some writing sprints. That is a fun way to interact with other authors and to also get your word count in for the day.

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