Covers I Love: July 2015

Every month I list book covers that caught my eye. These aren’t necessarily those that just came out (look for the new book releases posts on Mondays for that) but rather, the ones that for whatever reason, caught my eye. I share these because as more and more writers are going indie, we’re doing our own covers.

This means we need great cover art. These covers may get you to pick up and these books and read them or give you inspiration when you do your own covers.


Normally I’m not a fan of cursive writing on book covers, but this book shows that you can pull it off when done in the right way. The graphics match the fonts on here and give you an idea of what this story might be like.

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This book reflects the WWII setting. It’s faded, black and white with touches of vibrant red. Doesn’t that make you think of your grandparents pictures or movies from that time period? The font matches well with this one, also.

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The title of this book could mean a lost love, but no…. when you see that cover, it’s obviously something different. Then it pulls you into the description and you see that its a thriller about a killer obsessing over the one that escaped him. Very different story.

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Dig this tagline: “What happens when you stumble into a world of spies…and discover you belong there?” I’d say the book cover is pretty perfect for this description.

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