Spooky Reads for October

October is only a mere 2 weeks away and that only means one thing – Halloween! If you’re like me, you spend all of Obtober (or all year…) getting in the spooky spirit to celebrate the grandiose holiday.

There’s many ways to get into the spirit; watching horror movies, drinking pumpkin spice lattes, or reading your way into the gothic realm. And reading is my personal favorite way.


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Well, I guess we’re lucky that there’s so many spooky books – classic and new – on the market for us to devour late into the night.



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This classic novel started the sci-fi genre and it was written by a teenage girl! Shelley was 18 when she wrote the tale of a scientist’s experiment at creating life from stolen body parts. When I first read this novel, it kept me up at night. I wasn’t exactly scared by it, but I was fasinated. I couldn’t understand the scientist’s motives and I felt so bad for the monster. It’s a must-read for Halloween.

P.S: Frankenstien is the scientist, not the monster.



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Fear Street is a series of books written by the king of adolscent horror, R. L Stine. You may remember him from Goosebumps, the kids series, but not many people know that he also penned a young adult series all about spooky happenings in a certain ill-named neighborhood. Each book has a new set of characters, even though some background characters make multiple appearences throughout the series. Don’t let the “young adult” bit make you run in the opposite direction, though. This series is anything but mature. It deals with ghosts, murder sprees, and more all with the glitz and nostolgia of the 90’s. So come on and get scared.

DOCTOR SLEEP By Stephen King

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Most spooky reads lists include King’s masterpiece, The Shining, but rarely mention the sequel that came out in 2013. This novel starts out a few years after the events of The Shining, with Danny being 8. Then it time-jumps to him being middle-aged and an alcoholic, much like his father. He still has his shine and he starts a communitive relatationship with a little girl who also has the shine. For example, they speak – states apart – by writing to each other on mirrors. Wow. Also, because this wasn’t spooky enough already, King decided to throw in a cult of unaging vampires who kill children and absorb them like mist (I had to re-read the book because I still didn’t entirely understand this part). Okay, don’t think about it – just read it!

Ok, let’s see. Do you have a pipping hot cup of hot cocoa with a touch of cinnamon in it? Have you dimmed the lights and surronded yourself with pumpkin-scented candles? Are you wrapped up and cozy in a blanket? Lastly, do you have one of the spooky reccomended books outlined in this article?

Perfect! You are ready for a spooky night in to help you LIVE in the spirit of Halloween. Go forth and remember: lock the door…



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