4 Big Reasons You Need to Blog

Just the other day I was on a loop where an author commented on why they might need a blog. At this point I thought every author had a blog, but maybe not. I think they’re extremely valuable for authors. Here’s why.

You Have a Space You Always Control

I heard a couple authors say they have given up blogging in favor of Facebook. So they post to Facebook alone, get the interaction they crave, and call it good. But not so fast. What happens when Facebook goes away? Starts charging you a monthly fee? Starts using your information differently than you had originally planned? Where will all those Facebook posts go if you can’t use the site anymore?

I like blogging for the simple fact that it gives me a space I can control. I can still post links to Facebook and interact there, but to give up blogging in favor of a platform you can’t control is risky.

To Have a Place Where Readers Get to Know Your Personality

Think like a reader: when you finish a book you love what’s the first thing you do? Probably look to see which books the author has written. This is where the blog is a perfect place for readers to come visit you. You can show them what you’re really like, includes pages of info you’d like them to know, put a prominent spot where all your books are listed… and on and on.

Blogs Are Versatile

Your blog can visually reflect your personality, be a combination of a website and blog (like mine), be a spot where readers can contact you, and a one-stop shop where you list all the places you’ll be in social media and the off-line world.

Blogs today are so versatile you can basically design them yourself. I did that with all of mine and I’m not even a techie person.

Let Your Blog Be the First Thing That Pops Up in a Search

You’d be surprised how many writers allow things like their Amazon page or some random page on a publisher’s website be the place where readers go first to learn more about them. If you don’t have a blog, it won’t come up first in search results and that’s the place where a reader may find you first. So give them a spot that tells them what you want them to know rather than what someone else wants to tell them.


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