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I’m back after a small break. We had some family emergencies come up and the passing of my step-dad. Anyways let’s get to the post today. We’re still on social media. I thought we’d take a look a program called, Hootsuite. This is one of those you can you with Facebook, Facebook pages and Twitter. It can be super helpful in scheduling everything all in one spot…instead of going to Facebook to schedule there, and then to Twitter to do same thing.

Personally, I use a program to schedule all of mine. I take that back. I 99% of the time do. There may be a time when I log onto Facebook and see something I needs to be shared right there and then, so I’ll share it without scheduling. I’m sure we all do that.

The way Hootsuite works is super simple. It won’t take long to learn this.

  • Sign up for a free account. Now they do have paid services. I’ve not found the need for these when I’ve used this, but if you need to do that, then go ahead.



  • You’ll want to add your accounts. Take a look at this screen shot. You’ll want to click on where it says at the top “add a social media.”


Once you have your account or accounts set up, then you’re ready to start adding post to the scheduler. Click on where it says to compose a message and click on which accounts to use, if you have more than one. You’ll see where it says to schedule, or you can use the queue where it will find a time for you. This can be very helpful at first


That’s it for using Hootsuite. Super simple, right? Next month we’ll take a look at Post Planner! I hope you’ll come back to hear all about who to use it.

What are some programs that you love to use for social media?

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