Where’s the inspiration?

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While individual writers have their own definition of inspiration, we think it’s fitting that one meaning of the word is the drawing in of breath. In the corporeal sense, breath means life, and without inspiration, stories have no life.

So we were drawn to an author-interview question we were asked to complete. The blogger asked, “What is the strangest source of writing inspiration you’ve ever had?”

We pondered the answer. From our own experience, as well as the tips offered by the various writerly posts, emails, and technique guides to which we subscribe, inspiration can come from almost any source. For instance, we are often inspired by nature and our interpretation of the backstory of the finned, furry, and feathered lives surrounding us. Reading, listening to songs, the observation of others – all these activities lead us to the hmmm, what if… that sparks the leap of imagination to a story idea.

But none of these sources were strange.

Doubt set in. Perhaps we weren’t real writers. Perhaps we had no inspiration and our stories lacked life. The fears lingered as we went about our day. We brushed the unicorn. We watered the lollipops. We catered the raucous elf party beneath the ‘shroom cap. Later, as the sky was falling, we counted our chickens. We found five eggs and put them all in one basket. When they hatched, one of them was a lobster. We named him Ralph.

As the sun rose on yet another night, we had to face the dragon in the room. Not only was there no source of strange writing inspiration in our lives, there was no inspiration at all to be found. That was when we decided we were in the wrong story and we had to leave, even if we were afraid to quit our daydream. After all, you find inspiration where you find it.

What about you? Leave a comment telling us where you find inspiration of the strange or not-so-strange variety.


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HL Carpenter writes sweet, clean fiction suitable for your entire family. Visit HLCarpenter.com for gift reads and the latest Carpenter Country news.

1 Comment on "Where’s the inspiration?"

  1. Hi Carpenter,

    Strange as it may sound, I get my inspiration from music and looking at the bird’s-eye view of a city.

    The former one may not be so effective and partly because it’s available all the time. But, believe me, climbing a hill every day just to look at the bird’s-eye view of somewhere is daunting.

    But strange as it is, that’s what works for me.

    There isn’t a share button on Working Writers. I’d like to share this post.



    HL Carpenter Reply:

    Those sound like great sources of inspiration, Abraham. Exercise, or even simply being outdoors, seems to loosen a lot of creativity.

    We’ve asked the webmaster about the share buttons, and those are apparently a soon-to-be-forthcoming feature. In the meantime, the only way we know to share is by copying the post address and manually putting it in your posts.

    Thank you very much for your comment, and for sharing our post.


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