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When we start considering an area of writing, it is always good policy to look at the work of authors who have in one way or another become established in their genre. Becoming established comes about in a variety of ways, such as unique or unusual viewpoints expressed in the work or pioneering an area of fiction. Another way, however, is simply by the publication of significant amounts of material. This month, the nod goes to some authors who have published significant quantities of material and in some cases across a range of publishing outlets.

Debbie MacComber has made her mark in this way in the Christian fiction market. MacComber has been broadly published with a variety of titles available to readers of Christian fiction. Some of her work has been published by the major players in Christian fiction publication, and some by lesser known publishers, showcasing the concept that broad publishing opportunities do exist in the Christian fiction market.

Lynette Eason is another author who has published sufficiently to be able to affect the Christian fiction market based on quantity alone. I first encountered Eason in material offered specifically through the Crossing Christian book club, but like many other authors today Eason has gone on to publication in the major markets such as Love Inspired. Eason does her work in the suspense genre.

Lenora Worth has had over thirty titles published, and has been publishing novels for several years. Though I’ve only read one of two of her recent, mass market, books under the Love Inspired imprint, at least in some earlier works Worth tackled some serious topics such as breast cancer in a trilogy set in the Louisiana area that followed the romantic lives of three siblings (two sisters and a brother.)

Finally, Karen Witemeyer has published extensively, and made a name for herself with historical romance set in the American west.

Reading some of these authors can give you an idea of the kind of things that are making the grade in terms of Christian fiction publishing today.

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