Creating a Bestselling Book: The Secret Formula

Writing a book is one thing, promoting it is a whole different animal. But what if you could, right out of the gate, know exactly what to do to create an outstanding, well-received book that was promoted in such a way that it sold better than you expected? Sound like a dream? Well, certainly nothing is without risk but in working and speaking with thousands of authors, I have found that there are certain things that work every time – and others that don’t. There is a formula for success, and though varying degrees of it may be modified to better serve your audience and genre, most of the things that propel books to success are the same across the board. [Read more…]

Why a Newsletter is a Marketing Must & How to Double the Number of Readers You Get

Electronic newsletters have been around for as long as I’ve been in business; prior to that, I can remember getting them in the mail. Newsletters seem very 1990’s don’t they? They don’t have the flash of “new media” or the shimmer of a shiny new social media site just waiting to be discovered, but what they do have is visibility. In some cases, more visibility than you’re getting on all of your social media sites combined. [Read more…]

Inspiration From Sandie Bricker: Video Blogging

I love Sandie Bricker‘s books, and was tooling around her YouTube page the other day and noticed that several authors had done a vlog (video blog post) for her to help promote her book, Rise and Shine. I loved that idea! What a great way to support other writers. [Read more…]