How to Get Dedicated Followers Like Selena Gomez

On Twitter recently the hashtag #AlwaysWithYouSelena was a worldwide trending topic. I wondered what the topic referred to and who was tweeting it, and found thousands of Selena Gomez fans responding with their support of the singer. [Read more...]

Inspiration From Sandie Bricker: Video Blogging

I love Sandie Bricker‘s books, and was tooling around her YouTube page the other day and noticed that several authors had done a vlog (video blog post) for her to help promote her book, Rise and Shine. I loved that idea! What a great way to support other writers. [Read more...]

There Is More To Digital Marketing Than SEO, But What?

There Is More To Digital Marketing Than SEO, But What? [Read more...]

What Do You Most Want to Know?

I’m working on a couple new books and would like to know what you would most like to see. [Read more...]

10 Ways You Can Engage Your Readers and Increase Book Sales

Book marketing has become more of a conversation. Readers can now easily contact their favourite authors, ask them burning questions and even help them promote their book to other readers. [Read more...]

Discovery – Planning an Exceptional Book Signing From Start to Finish (Part 2)

So, you have your book signing date, and you’re excited and ready to go. [Read more...]

Planning an Exceptional Book Signing From Start to Finish (Part 1)

Despite the fact that bookstores are closing, authors still want signings and events. Now, more than ever, calendars fill up quickly for events and space is even more precious than it has ever been in the past. [Read more...]

Book Marketing Predictions for 2014

For those of us who market authors for a living, we know that 2013, more than any other year, saw bigger changes in marketing books. More in fact, than any prior year. The changes are largely due to the number of books that have come online both in print and digital and, in some cases, in digital only. In fact, the latest figures for books published daily are staggering. Bowker reported that in 2012 there were 3,500 books published each day in the US; this number does not include eBooks since many of them are often published straight to Amazon without ISBN numbers or other means of tracking. It’s a perfect storm for change. [Read more...]

Discovery – Another Buzzword We’re Wrestling to Understand

When I was first in the industry discovering a book was easy and pretty uncomplicated. Back then publishing had seasons and if you wanted readers to find the book, you stuck to the rules. [Read more...]

Do Writers Really Need Branding?

Making a living as a writer, like many other artistic fields, is not an easy business to break into. It takes hard work, diligence and willingness to always improve your craft. If you haven’t found your niche as a writer yet, you may want to ask yourself a few important questions about your technique and skills. But, perhaps even more importantly, ask yourself this: have you developed your own brand as a writer? [Read more...]

Courting Catalogs and Bulk Sales

Have you ever dreamed of selling your book to a catalog or large corporation? A sale like that would register several thousand copies of non-returnable product on the book sale meter. The trick is knowing who to pitch and when. [Read more...]

9 Pointers for Getting Your Novel Included in Book Clubs

God bless Oprah for making book clubs popular again. [Read more...]

Using Twitter to Get Blog Post Ideas

I use Twitter a ton to get ideas on what to write for my client and personal blogs. Are you on it? Many people shy away from Twitter or think it’s a place to promote. But Twitter is much more than that. Here’s how I use it to get blog post ideas. [Read more...]

Sell More on Amazon: Understanding Keywords, Categories, and Amazon’s Algorithms

Want some great advice about SEO as it relates directly to your book? Then you’ll love this post by Penny Sansevieri from Author Marketing Experts, Inc. [Read more...]

Nobody Cares About Your Book

Nobody wants to read. Nobody cares about your book. What people TRULY want is to improve THEIR lives. The only reason someone may find your story interesting is how it relates to them. The old radio station, WIIFM (what’s in it for me) is the most popular thought on the planet. [Read more...]