How to Get More Out of Pinterest

Tall images get repined more! Why? Because they fill up more space in the news feed, which is why infographics, etc. do so much better than regular-sized pins.

Did you know that reddish/orange images get repined twice as often as blue images (which contrasts with Instagram, which tends to favor blue)?

Odd Pinterest fact: Images without faces get a higher repin; in fact, 23% higher than images with faces.

Pin descriptions: Unlike on Google Plus where you are encouraged to use lots of copy, Pinterest favors short and sweet – 100-200 characters work best there.

Pin consistently: You want to be found, right? Well Pinterest makes that pretty easy if you are consistently on the site. I recommend 5-10 pins a day and while many of these can be repins, keep in mind that 80% of the pins on Pinterest are in fact repins, so doing original content is very important, too.

Recycle the Old: Pinterest is really great in that you can easily reuse old content. You can repin pins from weeks and even months ago. It’s great to keep your content in front of new people, and Pinterest does have a ton of new subscribers every day, so keep that in mind!


Reprinted from “The Book Marketing Expert newsletter,” a free ezine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.

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