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Part of the reason I started this blog was to give authors a place to land when they need to promote their books. We all need to get the word out about our work. So if that’s why you’re here, welcome! Here are the options I have for you:


Many authors chose to do interviews. I’m not sure these are as interesting for the reader as a guest post, but if this is what you desire, have at it! You might want to peruse some of the other interviews we’ve done here, or just go to the questions. (Yep, I have some already made. I may send you some more, but these are a good start.)

Guest Posts

These are the most popular on the site, and for good reason. We’re all looking for that behind the scenes take on writing a book. So take a look at the guest posting guidelines here (and also check out the also guest post opportunities I have at other blogs) and send me something that will really grab readers, and get you some new fans in the process.


I get asked if I can do reviews a lot, but sadly I cannot. I’m just too darn busy. I enjoy reading, but I can’t promise that I can get to your book in time for your book tour.

That isn’t to say that I won’t read it, or that I won’t blog about it eventually. For instance, Michelle Moran was kind enough to send me her fabulous book and I blogged about it during my “virtual book tour” week.

Place an Announcement

Announcements are usually blog posts that tell us about your latest book release. (Here’s an example.) They stay on our site indefinitely, are searchable, and offer yet another place to get a link to your book or website.


I used to do book giveaways here, but I stopped them because readers just didn’t dig them.

Other Ideas

I’m open to other ideas you might have about your book tour, so feel free to run them past me. Let’s make your book a success. You can post about your tour on our Facebook page, but if you do, please take a look at some of the other links writers have put on there, and give them a visit. In other words, let’s support each other, not spam each other. Got it?


If you’d like to go ahead and schedule something, give me a shout with the date you’d like to appear, and offer a few alternatives. Please also tell me which of the options above you’d like to do. We’ll schedule it and get the ball rolling.

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