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We send regular updates on new books, and yours can be featured with its own blog post. The post will be sent to our email subscribers, tweeted out to our followers, and placed on our Facebook page. It also remains on our site as a blog post indefinitely and will have the added bonus of an ad on the right side of our site that will stay up for one month. The tweets and blog posts remain available for search engines and readers to find even long after the book is released.

Promotion is a one-time cost of $30 but has long-lasting value for your book. Unlike our readers recommend, there is no requirement for minimum amount of reviews. New books should be one-year old or less.

Using the Paypal form below, please fill in your author name and book title. The book description and cover will be the same as is listed on Amazon. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact me.

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