How to Get More Writer Friends

Today, having friends who are also writers can help you learn about the business and gain new readers. Here are some tips on how to get more.

Be a Friend

You know this saying, right? In order to have friends you have to be one. It’s so true! In the case of other writers, this means supporting the writer community in general, being great to work with, giving credit, and showing your appreciation for other writers.

Become Active in the Writing Community

You don’t have to be a “community leader” to be active. Just get involved in forum discussions, stand up for writers when you hear them being dissed, don’t give in to gossip (yes, we have it here in the writing community too) and lend a hand when a writer asks for help.

Be a Cheerleader for Other Writers

When a writer: gets an agent, gets a positive response to a query, gets a new client, lands a gig, make a zillion dollars, or whatever, be happy for them! Never fall victim to jealousy or assume that because a writer achieved something you won’t have a chance. Your chances will come, too.

Join a Writing Forum

Forums are a great way to meet other writers from all over. Since some writers tend to be shy by nature, we also tend to have an easier time speaking up in a forum. It can help us get to know people that much easier.

Start Your Own Group is a great way to form your own group, but you can also find writers through a local college, or bookshop too. Post a note saying you’d like to start a writing group so you can meet up with other writers on a weekly or monthly basis. Doing so will help you meet new people and also help improve your skills.


Learn From Other Writers

Are there writers you envy? Wonder how they get great clients or make money off of their blogs? Ask them questions! Learn from them. The more you learn about successful writers, the better your writing career will be, and you just might strike up a friendship besides.

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