How to Write for Multiple Blogs

If you’re looking for ways to make blogging a full-time job, one strategy is simply to write for several places at once. In order to do this, however, you need to be organized and use your time wisely. Here are a few strategies that will allow you to easily write for multiple blogs.

Post Ahead

Blogging is much easier when your thoughts and energy are focused on one area. So rather than writing one just post a day, try to post ahead. By working on future posts you will ultimately write more material in a shorter amount of time. Not only that but you’ll be able to take on new blogging jobs, thereby increasing your overall income.

Cluster Post

Once an idea hits for a particular blog post, often other related ideas also come. Use this to your advantage and cluster post. Change the focus of your post slightly and come up with an entirely new post each time. Combine this idea with the first one listed (post ahead) and you will be able to write several posts for the week in only a few hours time.

Keep an Online File of Ideas

Whenever you see a news article or website that would make a good topic to write about for your blog, copy the link to a Word or Excel file along with a quick note for a post idea. Then, when you have some time to write, open the file and allow your notes to spark your creative juices. Writing posts is so much easier when you have a bevy of ideas just waiting to be written out.

Set Up Google Alerts

Learn how to set up an alert on Google for specific phrases that could help you get ideas for your blogs. For example, if you have a celebrity blog you could include the name of your celebrity, names of movies or albums, or even related people they know. If you write about books, you could set up an alert for specific authors or even a phrase, such as “new book reviews.”

Google alerts will be delivered to your inbox. Each alert will notify you of any links, websites, or news items that have appeared in the last 24-hours with the specific topic or name you indicated. It’s a good idea to set up a file on your computer where you can send each alert until you are ready to look through it.

Write Evergreen Posts

Posting ahead is easier if the type of material you write is evergreen. Evergreen posts stay topical and contain references and tips that are classic and not dependent on the news. For example, rather than writing about “10 Things Britney Spears Did to Get Ahead in the Music Business” you could write about “10 Things Pop Stars Do to Get Ahead.”

The first example is immediately dated once Britney Spears is no longer popular. The second example will stay relevant as long as there is pop music.

Create Theme Posts

Many bloggers create a theme for certain days of the week, such as “Wordless Wednesday” (in which a picture is posted without words), or “Thankful Thursday” (in which the blogger talks about things he or she is grateful for.) Posting ahead is easier if you can think of certain themes that allow you to look forward.

Create Top 10 Lists

Top ten lists of any type are not only a good way to get some headway on your blog, but are also generally considered evergreen and get picked up easily with search engine traffic. Readers enjoy them, especially when they are unique. So choose a top ten list that no one else has written about. The possibilities are endless!

Managing multiple blogs is a great way to increase your income and blogging potential. Strategies like posting ahead and writing evergreen material will help you succeed. The more blogs you can write for, the more money you’ll ultimately make.

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  1. Some great ideas and thoughts. Most of the time, most of the challenge is just keeping up with what we’ve committed ourselves to do so these ideas will help.

    Also batch processing at particular times of the day helps. Do all posts in the morning for example.

    The Irish Inspirational Blogger


    Cherie Reply:

    Hello Irish Inspiration Blogger! I’ve been loving your tweets. Yeah, the tip about batch processing is a good one. It’s all about making your time more efficient.


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