Review: Another Stab at Life (The Volstead Manor Series)

Reviewed by Debbie Archer

Anita Higman has done it again! Every word tapped out on this woman’s computer is a treasure. In Another Stab at Life (The Volstead Manor Series), she weaves together an engaging young protagonist (Bailey) and a cast of off-beat, quirky characters. If I were to list my favorite elements in the book, it would have to be the humor, the fast pace and the endearing people who appear throughout the text. They refuse to leave your thoughts when you finish.

From the time that Bailey arrives at the pitiful (and creepy) mansion left to her by her sweet Minna, until the end of the book, I was pulled into the mystique of each character and loved the relationship between the Bailey and her deceased grandmother. The book is full of wonderful reminders of how precious family is. One of the most poignant examples of that was when Bailey was listing the things that Minna had left her … which included her Bible and seeds from her garden (I LOVED that)!

The romance was sweamy! Sweet and steamy. It reminded me of vintage movies when the viewer had the delightful privilege of conjuring up her own ideas. Loved it! Can’t wait to read Another Hour to Kill. Diving into it tonight.

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