Tips to Get Started With a Photoblog

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Do you have a passion for photography? Would you like people to appreciate and acknowledge your work, but you simply have no clue where to find the right people? Finding the right people is absolutely necessary for you to do more, or else your talent will go wasted, without the much needed appreciation.

Photoblogging is an excellent way to find the right people. Photoblogging has picked up in the past decade and you can get a heavy traffic onto your blog, if you can understand and implement these effective tips.

Skill Check

Firstly, it is very important to have a few tricks up your sleeve. You must have already introduced yourself to Adobe Photoshop, if not master it. Apart from Photoshop, you may try to learn some other photo editing software; whichever you are comfortable with. However, it is recommended to opt for professional software, if you are trying to woo the experts.

Get an Idea

Secondly, before you start a photoblog, surf around and go through some renowned photoblogs of professional photographers. And only ‘surf through’; do not try to get over-inspired by their work, because you are going to mess up your originality. Hence, the bottom line is- Surf, get swept away, but come back to your senses as soon as you close the blog. Remember that your photoblogging skills are rated majorly on its uniqueness.

The story behind the photo

Next, you need to know what to write and how to write for each of the picture that you post in your photoblog. You cannot take a beautiful photograph and simply call it, ‘my best pic’, ‘I love this pic’, ‘it was taken at such and such place’ etc kind of things. As an upcoming photographer, you should also understand that there is a story behind every picture that you take. If not, create one!

Keywords are the Key

Having said that, you should recognize that you are not expected to write a novel about the picture; you are simply expected to write where and when did you take the shot. Explain the viewers what’s happening in the frame, as there could be international visitors who could be oblivious to other cultures and would draw a blank as soon as they see the photo. Use descriptive words as your photo filenames. This will enhance your chances of improving your page rankings, because search engines work on one major principle, i.e., keywords.

All ‘About Me’

As you keep writing, you will get the hang of it. Nonetheless, you are also expected to have an ‘about me’ or ‘about the photoblog’ page. This page will define you and your work. You may upload a cool profile picture of yours with your camera, just to make the page look more authentic. Once again, choose your words wisely.

To keep yourself updated about your visitors and the blog traffic, you need to be familiar with some analytics tools like WordPress. If you simply cannot take in the SEO process and are ready to approach a professional SEO firm, you can go ahead. But then, think again. Can someone professional computer techie understand your passion? Will they share and comprehend the interest and zeal that you possess?

This is a guest post provided to us by Jeet. He started following many photoblogs around 2005, some of these blog make a lot of money by selling posters and t-shirts through zazzle, cafepress etc. He runs a link building services company from Mumbai.

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