Interview: Connie Brimmage From Salvage Savvy

One thing I adore about the blogging community is just how friendly and generous they are. Connie Brimmage from Salvage Savvy says something similar at the end of this interview. Connie’s blog is fairly new (less than a year at the time of this interview), so I hope you’ll all give her a big, hearty, Working Writers welcome.

Enjoy this interview.

I really adore your blog. When did you decide to start it? Was there a “I’ve got to write about this” moment when you were doing a project?

Thanks so much Cherie! I decided to start Salvage Savvy in March of 2011. I’ve always loved interior decorating, and I am constantly doing DIY projects around our home. However, I didn’t spend a lot of time on the computer and had never read home decor blogs [I had NO idea what I was missing!]. One day I stumbled upon a blog via Nate Berkus’ website [I just love Nate, don‘t you?!] and something just “clicked“ inside of me. It was like finding the missing piece to my creativity puzzle. I called my sister and told her I wanted to start my own blog and then immediately began designing and writing ideas for it [well, once I got her blessing… you know how important that is if you have a sister!]. The idea of sharing my passion with others was SO EXCITING and I couldn‘t wait to start. Looking back, I realize that the timing was pretty much insane! You see, our baby girl was three months old at the time [which is the perfect time to start blogging… if you love utter chaos and despise sleep] and I really had no idea that beginning a blog is essentially equivalent to having another child!! Nevertheless, I’m so very glad that I went ahead and took the leap and wouldn‘t change a thing. This is truly my passion so all of the hard work is worth it.

How often do you update the blog?

I’m still a fairly new blogger [I can use that excuse until Salvage Savvy is a year old, right?!] so I’m still figuring out what posting schedule works best. Here’s the thing: I don’t have alot of extra time to sit around reading blogs all day and I realize that my readers don’t either. Therefore, I only write two or three times each week but I really want each post to inspire, inform or make people laugh in some way [and if I can do all three then it’s a really good day!]. I try to keep Salvage Savvy a fluff-free zone! Also, because I focus on sharing projects with my readers, I add one new project to the blog each week. Yes, that keeps me busy, but I recognize that DIY projects are the “pulse” of Salvage Savvy so it’s important!

What do you look for in the things you find to determine if they’d be useful as a craft or design project?

Virtually all of my projects originate from designing rooms on a budget. I want every room to look amazing regardless of how much [but most of the time it’s how little] money there is to spend decorating it. Therefore, I find gorgeous décor pieces [which are usually expensive], then attempt to recreate that same “feel” without spending very much money. I wouldn’t say that I do true “knock-offs,“ but I definitely use them for inspiration! With that said… I can’t leave out that I also love salvaging old furniture. I just love to find a boring [or even better… just plain ugly] piece and turn it into great eye candy for a room.

Care to share a favorite blog post or project?

Oooo- choosing a favorite post… that’s a hard one . I would say that one project I really love is my Vintage Dresser Makeover. I found a really, really [really] sad dresser while thrifting at Goodwill [I mention in the post that it put the “ugg” in ugly!]. I immediately fell in love with its handles [each one was like a piece of art] and it had great mid-century modern lines. Soooo…. even though it looked awful, and even though I had no place to put it… I got it anyway! It’s now one of my favorite pieces in my entire house. I’m so glad that I found it and was able to give it a new [and I must say fabulous] life.

Thank you so much for inviting me to share with your readers, Cherie. I think the most amazing thing about having a blog is the wonderful women that I meet [well… technically I haven’t met any of them, but I feel like I have!]. I am so inspired and encouraged by the blogging community… what a blessing they have been!


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  1. ooooh, I’m going to visit her blog right now . . . only things better than writing (and dogs), are interior design/decorating, and making treasures out of cast-offs– fun!!! Great interview!


    Cherie Reply:

    I echo all those thoughts, Lee! (writing, dog, interior decorating, trash to treasure…) I’m glad Connie could share her wonderful blog with us.


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