What’s Your Writing Process: Zeke Lam

Zeke Lam is the founder of Submission Ministries—a ministry devoted to seeing lost souls encounter God and live lives fully surrendered to the risen Christ. A graduate of Liberty University, Zeke’s deep passion for following Christ’s will has led him through many years of youth ministry and itinerant evangelism. Both of these experiences have enriched and fueled his desire to hand others the keys to a Christ-centered life.

Zeke talks about his writing process below. Enjoy.

Do you tend to write nonfiction or fiction?

Currently I write nonfiction works, but I hope to work on a fiction book in the future.

How long does it take you to finish a book?

subMISSION: heeding only His voicematerialized over the course of about 6 months. This includes the writing, editing, and publishing of not only my first book but the publishing house’s first book as well. The actual writing however I completed in less than one month.

What’s your usual approach? Seat of your pants? Outline?

I usually write from a general outline or theme that I have seriously pondered and prayed over. Although I enjoy plotting out in advance where my writing is heading, there are many occasions where I fly by the seat of my pants and see what happens. That can actually be quite fun.

How many rough drafts do you usually go through before you’re satisfied with the final version?

By the end of the editing process, I usually have about three or four drafts including the final.

Do you have someone you give your manuscript to for feedback before you give it to an editor or agent?

With SUBMISSION I did not get prior feedback, but I will certainly seek to do this as work ensues on additional books. I think it is a profitable tool to get un-bias feedback before submitting your work to a professional.

Sometimes writers get so close to a piece that they aren’t good at judging what needs to stay and what should be edited out. How do you get perspective when this happens?

This can certainly happen more than I realized prior to writing. I try to approach situations like this from a humble perspective with prayer. If I feel the Lord wants it in the writing, I will petition to keep it. However, I am always open to making adjustments that enhance the work and the flow of thought.

What’s your latest project?

I am beginning work on the second book in the SUBMISSION series which plans to focus on addressing the dangers of idolatry.

Where can we catch up with you online?

We are online at www.submissionministries.org. You can also find out more about us our Facebook page and our publisher’s website at www.burninglampmap.com

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