Why I Like Writing Online

When I first started out in freelancing, I did a variety of work both online and in print. Now, I write primarily online, and I love it. Here’s why.

Not as Much Pitching

I enjoy pitching when it comes to books, but for some reason not for articles. I used to waste a lot of time pitching ideas, waiting, and then when I finally got the go-ahead it seemed like I’d have to rush and get it done (because we’d spent so much time talking about it.) It wasn’t my thing.

Freedom to Choose Article Choices

For some of my online clients I’m able to (for the most part) choose my own articles. I might have guidelines and topics, but the article choices are usually mine. I like that.

Getting Paid

If it’s one thing that I find a total drag about running a business, it’s chasing down clients for money. I have had far less problems (really, almost none) with my online clients. My real-life clients require more work for billing even when they are on time with payments. In addition, you can usually count on a certain amount at a certain point in the month, which makes bill paying so many easier.

Full or Part Time Income

I write full-time now, but started out part time. Others make a steady part-time income from one site, and therefore sign up for several others. It is possible to make a living from online writing online. Or, if a writer has other income (from ebooks, classes, speaking engagements, or even a part-time job), writing online can provide an excellent way to make money part-time.

Flexible, Work-From-Home Schedule

When I say “I work full time” what I mean is that I have work that equates to a full time schedule. However, even with that I still have flexibility. I can write at night or on weekends if I want to. I can post ahead and then use the rest of the time in the month to work on my novels, attend a lunch, or run errands. I like being able to schedule my own time this way.

I also know a lot of writers who have health issues, and writing at home allows them to work when they feel good and then ease up a bit when they begin to feel lousy. You don’t get that kind of flexibility when you work in an office.

Where are most of your clients? Do you work more in the off-line world or online?

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