Who Is Your Virtual Cube Mate?

Recently I got some really good news about an article I did, and I wanted to share it with someone. But then, I’m working at home. Sometimes I go to a coffee shop, but even then I wouldn’t have just waltzed up to a stranger and said “Hey, guess what just happened to me!”

But lucky for me, I have a few people I can call when I need a human (a real human, not just a Twitter or Facebook human) connection, and I called up another writer friend who lives across the country, but who I’ve chatted with numerous times. We like to encourage each other. I shared my news with her, and she said, “Wow, so I’m your virtual cube mate?”  What a cute way to look at it.

Importance of Virtual Cube Mates

I think it’s extremely important to have people you can call up and also see face-to-face when you’re a writer. Never underestimate how important a human connection is as a writer. A lot of writers, especially when you’re working full-time, are very isolated. We’re also people who enjoy spending time to ourselves, but we need to break that up with real people now and then. It’s one thing to post something on Facebook and get a “great job” or “like” but another entirely to hear the voice of a friend tell us they are happy for us.

Finding Virtual Cube Mates

In the case of my virtual cube mate above, we met through a mutual client. The thing is, we live across the country. Even with that, we’ve talked many times. In fact, both of us prefer to chat via the phone instead of email. It’s just different when you can hear someone’s voice.

Mutual clients or writing sites are a great way to find virtual cube mates. Here are some others:

  • Writers groups
  • Meetup groups (your cube mate doesn’t have to be another writer)
  • Friends from old jobs (from before you were a writer)
  • Others who are at home during the day (shift workers or stay at home parents)
  • Church

Making the Most of Your Virtual Cube Mate

Of course, being a virtual cube mate means you have to be a friend, too. So make the most of your relationship by reciprocating the goodwill. So be available for your virtual cube mate, offer cheer, and most importantly, listen. See how this type of relationship can make you a more complete person and better writer.

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