Could You Write A Book Which Rocks The World?

Guest post by Ian Arnison-Phillips

If we believe the old saying then we need to admit that we all have at least one great book in us. What a fantastic idea this is when you first think about it.

However, after thinking about it for a while I realised that this means that millions, nay billions, of people all over the world don’t ever write the book which they were born to write. I haven’t even started thinking about mine yet and I guess that most people don’t ever get round to doing this, so let’s take a look at what kind of book you could write that would rock the world.

The Story of Your Life

This might seem a bit boring at first. After all, if there is one person in the world who finds your life boring, it is probably you. Think about it a bit longer though and you will probably realise that you have done a lot of things in your life which other people would class as interesting or even sensational. You will have made mistakes, taken risks and had fun just like we all do. The difference is that reading about someone else’s life always seems a lot more exciting than writing about our own. I have never been a fan of 20 year old footballers or adolescent pop stars writing their autobiographies and telling the world how great their last game or concert was and how great their manager is and how great the new PlayStation is. This means that I reckon that this type of book is ideally suited to a more mature person who has lived a little and has some stories which are bursting to get out.

The Story of Someone Else’s Life

No matter how interesting your life has been there is no guarantee that this is the book you were born to write. Perhaps you prefer to bring other people’s experiences alive for readers.  It might make more sense for you to offer writing services and make your book a biography or else ghost write for someone. Can you imagine talking for hours to someone you truly respect and then trying to turn all of their stories, hopes and fears into a readable book which shows the world the type of person they are? As long as it isn’t one of those adolescent pop stars telling you how great it was to start shaving last year then it could be a wonderful experience and a book which truly rocks the world.


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A Piece of Fiction

Maybe what you really want to do is create a fantasy world and write about it. When you think about it this is an incredible thing to do. I have recently read a few amazing books which made me stop and think about what  a huge achievement it is to do this kind of thing. If your strong point is your imagination then you could look at this way of writing as being ideal for you. It isn’t going to be easy and you will need to start off with such a strong, focussed idea that you can get all the way through to the end without running out of steam.

Something Completely Different

Obviously there are many other types of books around which you choose to write. Academic literature and books for children can rock the world as well if you get them right. You are the person who has a book in you so it is up to you to listen to your heart and write what you feel most comfortable with. Who knows, you might even find that you have a second and third book in there as well once you get started.

Ian Arnison-Phillips is a writer who does not believe that everyone has the ability to write a great book. However, he does believe that everyone has an idea for a book and so if you cannot write if yourself, why not use writing services to get it produced for you.

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