Five Tips From An SEO Prodigy

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I have a friend who genuinely is a genius when it comes to SEO. He cottoned on to the whole idea of SEO long before it was even really a thing, and he made a fortune before he was even 20 from ranking near the top for a ton of highly profitable keywords like ‘make money online’ and ‘watch football online’. Not that long ago he sold off his websites, bought an amazing house and went on to live his dream of working… at a sealife conservation charity. Hey, to each his own.

Anyway, the point is that I met up with this friend a few days back and he had some great tips for me and some wonderful insights into SEO. Turns out he not only still has it, but is still very much up-to-date on all the latest news and developments in SEO. I came away with a sense of purpose and feeling highly motivated and a whole bunch of ideas and tips stuck in my head. And here I’m going to share them with you, so that we all may benefit from his genius. I hope those crabs and whales know how lucky they are…

The Power of Fiverr

If you’re looking for a range of SEO related tasks then webmaster forums aren’t the only place to look, or even necessarily the best place. Head over to and for $5 you can commission people to create graphics for your site, to write articles, to post links to PR5 sites, to submit your articles to forums and more. Generally the quality of the service here is better than you’d find on a forum like Digital Point and you can ascertain a lot more about the person from their video and text. And best of all, it’s $5!

Privacy Policy

Google likes real companies and well-known brands because that’s what they think we like. In order to find more success then, you need to make your site seem more like it was created by a big business.

This is something you can easily do yourself then by adding a privacy policy and terms and conditions to your site. It’s probably a very minor impact this will make, but it’s a little tip I didn’t know about and it doesn’t take long to do it… so why not put one up today?

Yahoo Answers

My friend made his cash back in the day by tirelessly posting to eZine articles and linking back to his site. Of course this doesn’t work in the post Panda world, so what does he rate as the closest thing available to us today? He reckons it’s Yahoo Answers which he says is a great way to get varied and well respect links from Google.

Don’t Forget Real World Marketing

While he’s enjoying sea life conservation, my SEO-legend of a friend still has lots of ideas for businesses and one he wants to try is an affiliate site that he will promote entirely offline by handing out fliers and by networking. It’s important that all us optimizers remember that marketing existed before the web and there are still a lot of opportunities out there for those of us willing to put in the leg work.

This guest post is contributed by Mike from Wisdek. When he is not busy working, he likes spending time with his family or friends. He enjoys reading and writing in his spare time. You can visit his website to know more about him and Wisdek.

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