How a Certified Life Coach Can Help You With Your Writing: Talking With Andrea Boeshaar

Have you ever thought of hiring a life coach for your writing career? Andrea Boeshaar talks with us about what a life coach is and how she can help writers.

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You recently became a Certified Christian Life Coach. Explain what that means for those that don’t know. What made you want to pursue this dream?

I actually earned my certification in 2007 but I wasn’t sure of what niche within the field of coaching I wanted to pursue. My brain was wrapped around¬†Life Coach. However, it just kept coming back to me that my passion is encouraging other writers, which is one of the reasons I co-founded ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). I was also an agent for Hartline Literary Agency up until 2007. It was then that I realized I’m more of an encourager than a salesperson. So becoming a writing coach has been on my mind for many years. A few months ago it was apparent that NOW is the time act and to do what I’ve been longing to do!


What a wonderfully diverse career you’ve had! Can you expand more on the subject of coaching? What exactly is coaching as it applies to the writing world?

Coaching is a collaborative, one-on-one, confidential, ongoing process in which clients are guided toward making better decisions, looking at alternatives to current choices, identifying barriers, reaching beyond their feelings of limitations, and focusing on achieving their goals.


What’s the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you?

Author Ellen Hunnicutt once told me, “Read until your eyes fall out and then read some more.” I never forgot it. Writers need to read — read what they want to write and read it critically. Not to copy of emulate other authors, but to educate themselves on what works and what doesn’t.


How can you help writers who are struggling right now?

I’ve struggled with my writing too. Plenty of times! I’ve also been involved in the publishing industry for the past 20 years. Lending my experience to other writers will validate them and reinforce the truth that they are not alone in their frustration, discouragement, writers block, setting goals — or whatever their struggles may be. In addition, I’ve made my fees extremely affordable.


Where can writers reach you?

Writers can contact me via my website:

They can follow me on

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