If You’re A First Time Novelist, Seek Help From Established Names On The Internet

Guest post by Luke Casey

The Internet is helping a lot of brands grow and reach out to new customers. As a novelist, you too can use the Internet to reach out to potential customers, thereby, aiding you to build your brand in the market. As a matter of fact, there are a few authors who have gained overnight fame because of the Internet and were able to sign multiple book deals based on their Internet success.


The first step in the World Wide Web

Newbie novelists, who are working on their writing style and trying to figure out their writing voice, should use the Internet effectively to get positive, constructive feedback. There are many online forums that allow novelists to publish their novel ideas and rough drafts while the reading community rates the work and gives feedback. This is a great reality check for novelists who want to know how the readers react to their work. If their work is good, readers may ask the author to post more chapters of the same story. These forums act like a good practice field for authors who still haven’t been signed by publishers.

Publishing free eBooks

If you have thought out a theme for your book and are confident that you can create a whole book on your own, then you should go ahead with it. You can convert your book into an eBook and make it available for free download. Many readers don’t want to pay for books from new novelists. But a free eBook will compel them to download the transcript. A free eBook may not lead to any commercial success for you but it will definitely make you popular and help you establish your brand name.

Sell novel through websites

If a publisher rejects your manuscript, you can always go for self-publishing. You can even find online publishers who accept novels, print them and distribute them worldwide. Whether you want to print one book or 100 copies, they will do it for you and deliver it to your doorstep. You own the copyrights of your book and you earn royalty on the book sales at the same time.


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You can even make the paperback and eBook available online for order. There are many websites which focus solely on the sale of books. These websites have no issues in promoting a new novelist and will give you a platform to make your book available to the world. Online book sales are on an all time high and you have nothing to lose per se.

Promote your brand on Social Media websites

You can use platforms like Twitter and Facebook to get in touch with your fans and network with people belonging to the publishing industry. You may get in touch with storeowners who would want to sell your book and have a book reading session with you. Basically, the online space will give you a lot of exposure if you proactively engage with readers. You can even request bloggers to review your book. Bloggers have a lot of followers and a positive book review could positively affect book sales. Thus, Social Media can help you create a brand persona without spending huge sums on advertising.


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Do your research well and take help from established authors who are well versed with the nuances of the online world. The Internet is your platform and it’s on you to make the best possible use of it.

Luke Casey, the author, is a gifted writer and a serial blogger. He has written articles for many leading magazines and has written few novels as well. He says writing essays and short stories helps in strengthening a person’s writing ability.

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