Growing Up With Social Media

Have you ever wondered about the effect social media is having on our younger members of society? Since the beginning of the social media boom, people have been worried about how social media is digested by young people; most of all worrying about their safety. However, with Facebook’s minimum sign up age being thirteen are people fretting too much? Well, you would be interested to know that at least five million children under the age of thirteen have a Facebook account.

This astonishing infograph reveals the truth about how children and teens interact with social media. Not only that, the infograph also informs us of how young people feel about social media. For example, did you know that twenty percent of 13-17 year olds feel more confident about themselves? Take some time to have a look over this infograph, especially if you have kids, because you will be surprised at some of the information it contains.




Infographic produced by Letterbox.

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