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As an advertiser, you need quick results and joining a banner ad network could provide the perfect solution. Not only will it get your banner ads immediate high quality placement, it will also help in garnering fast, high click through rates and lead generation.

This of course increases your chances for conversion and growing your sales. Banner ads have the added advantage of letting the advertiser concentrate on his or her core business while the network administrators focus on placement and analytics. However, not just any banner ad network will gain advertisers the kind of results they desire. For the best placement and highest click through rates, one may want to join some of the best performing banner ad networks. The top 5 networks that have exhibited the highest chances for attracting the highest numbers of paying clients and high value leads include:

1.     Google AdSense

The most popular and best performing advertising network is AdSense owned by Google. Originally designed by Oingo, Inc of Los Angeles, Google bought it for $102 million in 2003. Google AdSense still uses the algorithms created by Oingo to date and is currently the number one earner for most of Google’s overall annual income.

Google AdSense works by displaying relevant adverts to highly targeted viewers. Joining the Google AdSense network is free of charge and advertisers pay on number of ad impressions or number of ad clicks. Publisher sites earn on the same basis. To target viewers, Google relies on its advanced search technology to send ads depending on the viewer’s geographical location, browsing history, and other factors. Google’s search algorithms are used for crawling publisher sets to make targeted decisions on where to place ads. The same targeting practice is used to return relevant results based on the user’s search terms and this enables the network to post paid advertising for particular Google search terms.

2.     Yahoo! Bing Network

This collaboration between two tech giants offers advertisers wide exposure and the possibility for reaching a high number of clients. Using yahoo and Microsoft resources, the network allows advertisers to personalize their ads and optimize them for their specific markets. The network utilizes user data for targeting markets. There are many packages available to advertisers with varying price levels. Most of these packages work on Pay Per Click advertising. This partnership between Google and Microsoft is the number one source of competition for Google advertising products and are gaining popularity at a fast rate. The recent acquisition of the social network, Flickr by Yahoo! seems set to further increase the popularity of this ad network among advertisers.

3.     Microsoft Ad Network

This offers a great way to reach a very wide global audience. Advertisers can take advantage of search advertising, display advertising, and many other kinds of advertising. Ads on this network can be placed on PCs, mobile screens, and TV. The Microsoft ad network has partnerships with other leading advertising networks, clubs, and foundations which include 212 Interactive Advertising Club, ThinkLA, and Advertising Club.

4.     Amazon Associates

The online retail giant, offers a network platform for advertisers and publishers. For advertisers who do not have room for large web banner ads, the Amazon Associates network offers widgets that can be used to highlight a product. Ads on this network can be optimized to run at special times. The network also offers advertising solutions for use on the kindle tablet.

5.     BannerSpace

Launched in 1998, this online banner advertising network has a wide global reach. They cover hundreds of online publishers from many different business niches and industries. They are particularly favored for their purchasing unsold inventory from other web banner ad networks and giving great discount rates to advertisers. BannerSpace is currently rolling out its AreaPoint product which basically works to geographically target markets.

There are very many different online banner advertising network that take most of the work out of online advertising campaigns. By joining one of these networks as an advertiser, your ads get immediate placement on high value publisher sites. Additionally, you do not have to contend with the job of negotiating rates with publishers or to concern yourself with performing analytics on the banner ad’s performance. The network handles that for you while you only get charged for specific achieved results.

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