Can You Ever Have Too Much Content?

If you follow blogs or social media feeds related to SEO and other digital marketing platforms, then you’ve probably had quite enough of having the ‘content is king’ mantra drummed into your head. Of course, the reason that it is spoken about so much is because it is true.

Google and the other search engines are placing a huge focus on content today; if your content isn’t good enough, then your chances of achieving SEO success or driving conversions are going to reduce, and there is evidence and studies out there to support this.

What People Are Doing

The knowledge above is driving blogging, in particular, through the roof. People have now understood that even posting consistently twice a week is often enough to have an SEO impact, particularly if time is taken to construct a well-written post that contains keywords and links out to other authority websites.

However, we’re also confronted by the daily message that quality, not quantity, counts when it comes to content. This is causing many to ask whether we can ever have too much content; surely if we’re all trying our best to put as much content out there as possible, the quality will suffer at some point?

The Reality of Content

Two hundred million blog posts alone are written on a daily basis. That’s before we look at news, editorials, and the various other types of content that are created and uploaded each day. It is clear that the internet is busier than ever before, and it is no secret how important content is.

These facts make content marketing one of the most frustrating and difficult things anyone can do, as it is perfectly feasible that you might be writing a high quality blog every day, yet only managing to stand still, depending on how competitive your industry is.

What you do need to be wary of, however, is that in trying to keep up, you end up writing duplicate content and losing your audience. It is easy to embark on a content marketing campaign with SEO in mind, but the real aim of a blog is to bring in readers.

Focus on the Right Content

Consequently, you can never really have too much content. The focus is on having the right content for your audience. Look at it this way: if you have nothing to say, and no one who needs to hear from you, then you might as well be out of business!

What you ought to do is tailor your content marketing to what your competitors are doing. SEO agencies like Bough SEO are able to carry out competitor analysis to help you achieve this. Why blog every day when once or twice a week might deliver your objectives for your keywords?

Think Long Term

If you decide to go it alone, remember that any SEO work takes time to show results. It is advisable to follow a program of blogging once a week to begin with, before increasing the frequency of your posts after three to four months if you’re not seeing any traffic increase, although Google Webmaster Tools will be able to help you measure this accurately.

Layla is a marketing student with a specific interest in modern SEO trends. Upon leaving University, Layla plans to take up an internship before starting her career, hopefully within a small digital marketing agency.

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