Freelancing Freedoms and Responsibilities

Many people employed in corporate offices or industrial work settings believe self-employed workers have it made. On the surface it does seem that people who work for themselves as freelancers do have the ideal job.

In general, self-employed freelancers make more money than other types of workers, and most report that they are happy working for themselves. In addition to the open-ended earning potential, many people choose to freelance because of the ability to create a personalized work schedule. Aside from necessary meetings with clients, a freelancer can perform his or her work around the other demands of life, such as a spouse’s work schedule, children’s activities and daily chores. Around half of all freelance workers reported being only minimally impacted by the recent recession, if they felt its effects at all.

Freelancing is considered a modern career choice, but, in reality, it has always existed. Ancient farmers and tradespersons were the original freelancers. Modern freelancers are employed in a variety of different careers. Almost any type of occupation has opportunities for freelancing, but a majority of freelancers work as designers, writers, editors, copywriters and web developers. A recent report on freelancing discovered that just under one-third of all American workers currently work as freelancers. Many freelancers make the most of modern technology, using email and telecommuting as a way to contact clients rather than driving or commuting to jobs.

While there are indeed many benefits to freelancing, there are also some significant drawbacks. It can be difficult for a freelancer to stay motivated in the absence of employer imposed deadlines and time constraints. Finding new clients to serve is a constant challenge faced by the self-employed. Lack of stability is another common complaint, as is the lack of benefits, such as affordable health insurance, that are offered by many employers. As rewarding as some workers find freelancing and self-employment to be, it is definitely not a career choice with which everyone would be happy.

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