Maximize Your Twitter Numbers

Despite being limited to 140 characters, Twitter is one of the hottest ways to promote and increase your business. By simply creating an account and a catchy hashtag (#), businesses reach potential customers by sending out tweets that reflect their style and voice. The more unique the hashtag and message, the more followers a business will get.

Those followers then retweet your message creating a marketing buzz with a minimal amount of work.

Basic Twitter Numbers

Before discounting Twitter as a marketing tool, look at these daily stats for Twitter.

Twitter registers 1.5 accounts every second and 135,000 daily. There are 9,100 tweets every second and 58 million tweets per day.

Every second users perform 24,000 searches, totaling 2.1 billion searches per day.

Why Tweets Matter

Twitter is all about using the trending hashtags and showing up in their search results to get the maximum number of followers.

One of the best ways to get your hashtag recognized is to get a response from a top tweeters which could potentially be viewed by millions. Every one of those views increases your exposure.

Top Tweeters

Getting your message attached to one of these tweeters gives your product maximum exposure. The list below shows the address for each account, their number of followers and their number of tweets.

  • @justinbieber, 44.4 million, 23,400
  • @katyperry, 42.6 million, 4,900
  • @ladygaga, 40 million, 3,100
  • @BarackObama, 36.4 million, 9,900
  • @taylorswift13, 33.8 million, 1,900
  • @YouTube, 33.3 million, 8,500
  • @britneyspears, 31.7 million, 2,500
  • @rihanna, 31.5 million, 8,300
  • @Instagram, 26.3 million, 4,200
  • @jtimberlake, 25.5 million, 1,700

Before trying to attach to these tweeters, be sure they are someone you want associated with your product or service.

What Not To Do

While Twitter is a great way to increase business, there are some caveats that need to be mentioned.

Look for appropriate times to market your company, unlike this tweet from @KennethCole. ‘”Boots on the ground” or not, let’s not forget about sandals, pumps and loafers #Footwear.’ Hashtags should be connected to your brand and should be ones that people want to use.

Make sure your hashtag is associated with someone or something you want your company to be associated with.

Source: Masters in Finance Degree Guide


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