Using Twitter to Get Blog Post Ideas

I use Twitter a ton to get ideas on what to write for my client and personal blogs. Are you on it? Many people shy away from Twitter or think it’s a place to promote. But Twitter is much more than that. Here’s how I use it to get blog post ideas.


Don’t forget about Twitter search! Pop in a term in the search bar and see what comes up. This will not only help you be more social on twitter but also give you a wealth of ideas. You’ll find out what’s buzzing, what people are blogging about, and what their questions are.

Ask for Ideas

Speaking of questions, don’t forget that Twitter is a communication tool. Use it to ask readers what they most want to learn about or what their opinions are.


Twitter is a great place to find sources. Send out a request for experts or ideas on who to interview. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to connect with knowledgeable people this way.

Trending Topics

The trending topics feature will help you abreast of the news and also tell you what people are talking about most. If folks are talking about it, maybe you should blog about it.


Use the lists function (here’s how I use it) to keep up with your favorite bloggers, or people who chat about a certain subject area. This will help you link to them and give you new ideas.

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