Why You’re Not Having Success Guest Posting

Do you guest post a lot? I do occasionally, and always find it pretty satisfying, both in making connections and in continually building my platform.

If you’re not finding the success you’d hoped for with guest posting, here’s a few tips.

You’re Not Promoting Your Posts Enough

You’d be surprised at how many writers don’t promote guest posts. They assume the blog host should do it all (and the blog host probably is promoting) but if you join in the effort you’ll have that much more success.

Another tip? Don’t just promote immediately after the post runs but go back to it occasionally and tweet it out or put it on Facebook.

I’ve also found that putting up a graphic or picture on the side of my blog to promote a guest post somewhere else helps promote it. As an example, check out my “And God Made a Farmer, My Thoughts” graphic on the bottom right of this post on my personal blog. That was a post I did in February 2013 and was near and dear to my heart. I’ve kept it current by reminding readers about it with that simple graphic. Choose a graphic that catches attention. In this case, I’ve used a favorite photo to promote the post.

You’re Spamming Your Host Blogger

Maybe the reason you’re not getting traction is that when you finish a guest post, you add that bloggers name (without asking their permission) to your newsletter. This happens all the time to me. Why do bloggers think they can add my name just because I’ve been kind enough to allow them space on my blog?

If this happens, your blog host won’t go as far to promote you (or have you back on) because you’re basically annoying them. If you have a book, they probably won’t recommend it. And can you blame them? Who wants to promote someone that has genuinely irritated you.

You’re a Pain

Most of the people that post here are so wonderful and kind and professional it makes me happy to be a blogger. But every once in a blue moon, one of them will be a pain the butt from the beginning of the process right to the end.

Case in point, a few months ago I interviewed someone who wanted me to show her a preview of the interview before it went live to make sure it was exactly as she intended. (Which is ironic, because it was an email interview. Hard to misquote someone when you’re copying their answers word for word.) Then, she agreed to a date for the interview to run and then changed her mind three times! Then, she decided to change her bio after the post was up.

Pain the rear. If you’re like this, perhaps the host blogger won’t promote you like they would if they really enjoyed working with you. I always include my favorite interviews and posts in the “featured” section on this blog, so they get extra traffic and more people can discover these fun and professional people that I so enjoyed working with.

Your Posts Aren’t Interesting or Relevant Enough for the Blog

Be careful about what you post. If you’re just trying to back links for your site, your posts will be lame and unhelpful. They won’t get the traffic you need.

Some bloggers save the “good” posts for their own blog and send the less stellar ones as guest posts. But this strategy can backfire.

You’re Running Copy Posts

Always write original posts. If you copy an old one to someone’s blog, it just won’t get the blog traffic. What’s the point of that?

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