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I got a new follower the other day, and while I’m always happy for them sometimes I just can’t follow them back. This particular follower had a series of tweets, right in a row, of promotion for their book. And that was it.

Who wants to follow someone like that?

Twitter Is About Conversation

It seems that any popular social media venue gets cluttered with authors just trying to promote their work. I get it, you write a book and need to get it sold. But remember that social media is about being social. Think about this as a large party. Would you walk into a party and just start yakking about your book? Probably not. At least I hope not. No one would want to talk to you if you did. The same happens with social media.

What Happens When You Follow Someone?

There are people who tweet all their tweets when they get up in the morning. As a result, you get inundated.

There are folks that immediately send a direct message to new followers hawking their books.

Never of these are good form. If you’ve noticed something annoying that a Tweeter does, you’re more apt to unfollow them. Think about that as you make your way using Twitter yourself.

The Weird Picture

For some reason, if I get a follower with a weird picture or tagline, I block them. Who wants to be creeped out? Make sure your picture and info reflect who you are.

Respect Opinions, and Don’t Be a Jerk

Here’s a newsflash: we all have opinions. All of us. We don’t need to shove them down people’s throats and “yell” at them online about how they vote or what they think. If you notice someone doing this to you, chances are you’ll not follow them back.

There is a way to argue respectfully. There is a way to let someone have their opinion while you express yours. But attacking people or calling out their character or getting personal is not going to get you anywhere, and that includes your time on Twitter.

No One’s Perfect

Look, no one totally knows what the best thing is when it comes to Twitter. Some folks tweet a lot and it works for them. Others tweet hardly at all and that works out fine, too. I think you really need to examine your brand and what you’re tweeting to determine what’s good for you and your followers. (Because you’re not just tweeting for something to do, you’re tweeting to communicate with readers and friends.)

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