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By now, you know that the Internet is an important marketing tool for your business. However, simply having a website doesn’t mean that your marketing strategy is going to be successful. If you truly want to grow your business, you need to let Google help you.

You will not get many customers to your website if it’s difficult to find. Search engine optimization is an effective marketing tool because it’s all about reaching out to the people who are actively looking for your kind of business, which is much more effective than pop-up ads that tend to annoy people. If you want to grow your business, you need to let Google help you in the following five ways.

1. Create great content.

Search engines put an emphasis on website content, so if you want to be found, you have to provide great content on your website. Be sure that you’re using keywords that are relevant to your business, and also make sure that you’re using conversational content that your customers would be likely to use in a search query. The more your content can relate to your specific offerings and provide useful information to your potential customers, the more successful your SEO will be.

2. Add local content.

Google has changed their algorithm to put a major emphasis on local content. Now, when a user performs a search query, they no longer have to put in their specific location. Google uses geo-location technology to determine where a person is when performing a search, and Google then provides results based in that specific area. In order to allow your site to be reached by local users, you need to add local content. Be sure to include your contact information and add in any local content that relates to your location. All of this will help put your website on Google’s radar when local searches are performed.

3. Join Google Places.

Google Places is an online directory of businesses, and by joining, you will increase your chances of earning website traffic. When local searches are performed that relate to your business, your website will appear on a map in the search engine results page. These maps land on the first page of a search engine results page, which means that your site will have a greater chance of earning website traffic. Joining other online directories will also benefit your website, so be sure to get your site added to as many local directories as possible.

4. Join social media.

The more you can get your company name out there, the more successful your online strategy will be. This is why it’s important that you join social media. By creating multiple online platforms for your business, you’ll increase your company’s chances of landing on a search engine results page. Plus, by sharing links to your website through your social channels, you can easily increase your website traffic.

5. Invest time in the little things.

There are certain things that inhibit your website’s success. First, it’s very important that you ensure your page loads quickly. Long load times will inhibit your SEO, which will deter traffic to your site.

It’s also important that you add descriptions and tags to any multimedia files on your website, as search engines can crawl through these and use what they find to rank your site appropriately.

Along with multimedia files, you should also add descriptions and titles to every page of your website, as this is the first thing search engines will see when they crawl through your site.

You also want to make sure that the content density on your site is proportional. Web pages that contain too much content are typically ranked lower than pages that have minimal content. Be sure that the content on your web pages makes sense, and if you are going to vary on topics, create a new page.

If you have multimedia files on your website, such as podcasts or videos, it’s also a good idea to have these audio or video files professionally transcribed. Search engines cannot crawl through the content on these files, so any valuable content provided on these files will not benefit your website. By providing a transcription of these files on your website, you are giving the search engines content to physically crawl through and use to rank your site appropriately, which can help you to greatly increase your ranking and traffic.

Guest Author: Lizzie Lau is a freelance writer who combines personal opinions and research to create appealing and informative articles on various topics.

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