Covers I Love: May 2015

Did you catch Nicolette Pierce’s guest post about a book cover that caught her eye? Very thought provoking and insightful. Speaking of thought provoking, here’s some of the book covers that caught my eye this month. These are books I just happened to notice this month, not books that were necessarily newly released.


What catches your eye about these covers? Would you pick up the book and read it?

This cover gives you an idea about what the book is about. It says to me, lighthearted and fun. Also the purse on the front would draw me in. (I’m a purse girl.)

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Black and white covers stand out today because they’re more rare. Publishers like using color because it draws the eye but a well-down black and white cover can draw your eye in. This one relates to the book’s subject matter and would be enough for me to pull it down from the shelf and read the back cover to see what it’s about.

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This cover gives you an idea of when it’s set (the kitschy cover screams 1960s to me) and also tells me the book is lighter in tone. I could be wrong, but this exercise is about first impressions, and I like the one this cover is giving me.

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Again, the black and white tone stand out, and this time the photograph gives me the impression that it’s a serious read. I would pick this up to check it out.

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Today, it’s all about standing out in any way you can. This one does it by style and color.

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In my opinion, faces don’t always work to attract readers, especially if they’re done with stock images that are used over and over. However, this one does stand out to me in design and color. I like what they’ve done with the type and positioning of the people.

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Not only does the cover stand out, but it gives you an immediate idea of what genre this book is in. The use of white space allows the red to really stand out and attract attention.

Which covers caught your eye this month?

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