Wherever You Go, There You Are

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Please don’t tell anybody but I’m a sucker for the underdog against all odds kind of story.  The stories where these Godawful things happen and everybody expects it all to fall apart and I’m silently praying please main protagonist please don’t do that please don’t go in there puh-lease…..

This, in essence, is how I feel about the brand new writer for hire working from home on my own road I now call mine.

When I resigned from a career I’d loved pretty much all of the time I had it, I can safely say the love was definitely gone.  Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship can tell you that you know it’s over long before the last pot is packed (or thrown at a departing figure and I’m not naming names).  Still, much like a bad relationship, maybe it wasn’t good but it was yours and you knew it.   Good, bad and all that comes in between, that’s how it was.  The thing is eventually you get to a place where,  with a nod to Anais Nin, the desire to grow overwhelms any other fear, doubt or issue you have in regards to pursuing what you really, truly honest to God–want.

Scratch want.  You NEED this, like water, oxygen, world peace and parking spaces downtown on a Monday.

You need to write to be okay. Really okay.

Enter now.

My home office is under construction, with me taking down wallpaper, comparing flooring in between working a job I  like from home that allows flexibility to write, fielding home/family/life issues, reading everything I can on freelancing and business while seeking opportunities to get this newbie writer on her two paying feet.  Or maybe I should say two paying hands.  That sounds clever.


I’m not a new writer; on the contrary, far from it.  Creative writing has been my go-to boo for so long I can admit I’ve taken him for granted pretty much our entire relationship,   I can spin a poem or pretty prose real nice-but in order to take our relationship to the next level, which is to be a full fledged writer with rates, outlines, deadlines and all, I have to, much like in a long term relationship, deal with stuff I’m not so crazy about.  Like rates, outlines, deadlines and all.

Here comes the line the great writers will include right about here. Not that I’m a great writer but I have no shame in borrowing from the best.

The irony is in the doing of what I’m not so heel kicking about, there is a deep satisfaction in knowing all of my actions add to this relationship, this actual living breathing commitment that others call writing but we who do it know it by words that are yet to be created.  This piece of my being that I can no more turn away from than I can from someone in pain, brand new school supplies or one of those free weekends at Wintergreen if you do the timeshare tour.

I’ve been known to play the sage; after all, I am grandma to six of the finest boys ever created (thanks to my DNA of course).  I have been known to tell them, when one of them is trying to avoid the inevitable of his actions, “wherever you go, there you are.” They nod in agreement, I like to think and I watch them grow a bit more as they tackle the business of facing themselves, good, bad and everything in between.

Nothing like a good underdog does it big kind of story.



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