Covers I Love: September 2015

It’s cover time! Covers today stand out more than ever because we have so many authors putting their work out there. How will your book stand out? What will catch the reader’s eye? Here’s some covers that caught mine this month.

Untitled design

This has a hint of nostalgia but stands out with its muted colors and old-fashioned design.

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This cover shows you exactly what this book is about, and does it with everything from the graphic to the design to the cover. I like the take on classic black and white here. ww divider

I’m seeing a lot of cartoon-like characters on covers on novels lately but this one stands out as more professional. Everything about the graphic looks professional and designed as a whole unit (as opposed to putting a stock image over a graphic, etc).

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I include this one because I see so many indie romance covers lately that are done poorly. This one stands out because it looks cohesive. The lettering isn’t just plunked on there and the stock images are not poorly Photo-shopped sloppily.

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Who doesn’t love the Bloggess? This cover celebrates her kookiness and stands out as something you’d definitely need to pick up (if only just to see what the raccoon is about.)


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