What are you looking at?

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The window was dirty.

We noticed the less-than-pristine appearance while we were refilling the birdbath. Perhaps you’re thinking that cleaning windows is a pain (okay, bad pun), and that’s why ours was no longer sparkling.

The truth, however transparent, is that we don’t mind cleaning windows. We simply hadn’t noticed the dirt until we went outside and saw the window from a different perspective. When we’re inside, staring out, we aren’t looking at the glass separating the interior of Carpenter Country from the exterior.

Instead, we’re simultaneously pondering everything that is, and nothing in particular. We’re watching the brown thrasher, splashing happily in the concrete basin while smaller feathered brethren await their turn. We’re watching the squirrel dash across the yard for a refreshing drink in the middle of a hot sunny day. We’re watching pink crepe blossoms drift from a slender branch and ride the gentle breeze to a final watery rest.

The window that separates us from this never-ending fount of creativity allows us to refresh our minds without disturbing the natural flow. We are watchers from anear, delighting in the activities of birds, squirrels, and flower blossoms from behind our gossamer refuge of a slender sheet of glass. And what we’re looking at helps us see more clearly what we’re seeking, in writing and in life.

The window doesn’t need to be clean for that. As put so eloquently by Thoreau, the question is not what you look at, but what you see.

What do you see when you stare out your window? Let us know in the comments.


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Florida-based mother/daughter author duo HL Carpenter writes sweet, clean fiction that is suitable for everyone in your family. The Carpenters write from their studios in Carpenter Country, a magical place that, like their stories, is unreal but not untrue. When they’re not writing, the Carpenters enjoy exploring the Land of What-If and practicing the fine art of Curiosity. Visit HLCarpenter.com to enjoy gift reads and excerpts and to find out what’s happening in Carpenter Country.

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HL Carpenter writes sweet, clean fiction suitable for your entire family. Visit HLCarpenter.com for gift reads and the latest Carpenter Country news.

2 Comments on "What are you looking at?"

  1. Joe Farrell | January 30, 2017 at 9:50 am |

    Wonderful metaphor! Right now I see snow covered mountains that remind me that everything can be made new again in the twinkling of an eye. Fresh, clean, pure.


  2. Thank you for the comment and the compliment, Joe, and sorry we did not see this sooner. Sadly, the site seems almost deserted these days.


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