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I get many requests asking if I accept guest posts. Yes, I do welcome guest posts. Try and take a look through the site a bit to make sure you’re not duplicating what’s already been done (we’ve got a lot of info here!). A good way to approach your guest post is to offer tips or information from your own experience. That helps make it unique.

What Types of Posts Do I Accept?

  • Generally, posts between 400-600 words usually work best, but I’m very flexible on length.
  • A lot of things have already been covered, so to not duplicate, it’s a good idea to take a look around and see what we might have already done. Things like the basics usually won’t get you the views, but if you can personalize it, that’s better. For example, an article on the basics of making money on a blog might not work, but if you can say, “here’s how make money at blogging” that would be great. Basics on getting an agent has already been done, but if you want to talk about how you personally did it, that would be of interest.
  • If you’re writing a guest post, see if you can help out a fellow writer. We all love tips about how to get more out of our creative juices, so make your post helpful (and not just a promotion for your book.)
  • You can also include an original poem as your guest post. I’ll be happy to link to your book when you do.
Other Posting Opportunities
I have several other blogs in addition to this one, so be sure to check out those also. Think about where your readers are most likely to be, and decide which is best for you. I’m also open to doing one post here (like an interview or guest post) and another different one at one of my other blogs. Give it some thought and do what’s best for you and your book.


How Should I Submit?
You can send me a question on the contact form, or just send me the article through email. I’m at cherie burbach at yahoo. (No spaces on the name.) I’ll usually respond within 48 hours.


What About Links?

I get a lot of questions about links. Specifically, can you link back to your blog? Of course you can! But here’s where you can’t link:

  • Affiliates
  • Working in links that you’re doing for a client and then posting here as a way to get back links
  • Any links that are spammy

The best way to include links to your stuff is in a short paragraph I can include at the end of your post that describes you. Readers want to know who you are, so be sure to write up a quick bio if you haven’t done it already.


What Happens After I Submit a Guest Post?
I’ll post it and send you a link. I also promote the posts on the Working Writer’s Facebook page and via Twitter.


Do I really need to say this? Your posts MUST BE ORIGINAL! Please only send me things you have permission to run. Also, no promotional posts. What I mean is, posts that are solely meant to promote a product or book and are not helpful or informative. If you’re looking to promote, an ad or announcement would work better for that purpose.


Any Other Questions?
Need more info? I’m here.

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  1. I would like to write a guest post for your website soon.


  2. Hi; I’ve tryed to access the “ad or announcement” section but it returned 404. Does this link has moved? Thanks


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